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Legal and Licensing Information

This web site is brought to you by Dat H. Nguyen.  Dat H. Nguyen is a licensed agent/broker in each respective state in which he does business and which requires life and health insurance transactions to be conducted through a licensed agent/broker.  His main contact is:


Licensed Agent/Broker - CA License No.: 0C06013

Phone: (408) 461-9990

Fax: (408) 624-9317

Dat H. Nguyen provides sales or service to residents of the state of California only.  The use of the web site constitute the acknowledgement that user is a resident of California.

Dat H. Nguyen is providing rate and insurance policy information as a free public service.

 Copyright  Information is a service mark of Dat H. Nguyen. Other service marks or names which are presented in this site are the respective service marks and or names of their respective companies.  The names, trademarks, service marks, or logos that are presented in this site are the respective names, service marks, or logos of their respective companies. The content of this site is provided by Dat H. Nguyen as a free public service and not necessarily that of an insurance carrier unless otherwise indicated.


                                                Disclaimer Information

The web site provided by Dat H. Nguyen is a web site where anyone can review and request information provided regarding various insurance companies and insurance choices. The information in this site is for informational purposes and is not guaranteed to be error free.  The information presented on this site could include typographical or other technical errors. Therefore, Dat H. Nguyen will not accept liability for any use of the information provided in this site. As a result Dat H. Nguyen  shall NOT be liable for any damages or losses which are claimed to result from the use of this site or which are claimed to arise in connection with any alleged error or omission existing or arising from the use of this site or any of the information presented on this site, even if Dat H. Nguyen is advised of the possibility of such damages, losses, or expenses. Any links to other sites are presented as a courtesy and do not constitute an endorsement by or between the respective sites or companies.

Non-Cancellation Warning &  Information

Please do NOT under any circumstances cancel any existing insurance coverages based upon any understanding you may have regarding insurance coverage until you have received written confirmation from the insurance company to whom you have applied for insurance that the policy for which you are applying is in full force and effect.


                                                Privacy  Information

Your use of this website constitutes your acceptance of our practices as described in this Privacy Policy.

What kind of information do we collect?   We collect relevant personal information, i.e..; name, address, phone, marital status, email address, and coverage request information for the purpose of providing a quote.  We do not redistribute, post, or resell that information to any other party.  
We will only share this information with participating insurance agents, brokers, and other appropriate professionals to enable them to complete the information requests.

Updates and Privacy Policy Changes We reserve the right to modify this privacy policy from time to time without notice.  Our privacy policy will be kept up to date and posted on our website at all times.


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